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Because it works!

Discover our hunting tips and tricks when using our products.

Proxpedition offers effective and useful products to lure game towards you. We are experts in moose, deer and bear hunting.

Discover Proxpedition

Since the very beginning, Proxpedition has been observing wildlife, analyzing  habits and developing products that are nutritious for game animals and efficient for hunters or enthusiasts who simply want to get closer to our forest animals.

Our own farm, our own factory!

Proxpedition has been caring for its own herd of white-tailed deer since 2005.

The animals are carefully studied and well treated. It is from them that we extract our natural ingredients.

Our facilities are fully equipped for research and development to provide increasingly effective products that are healthy for the animals. Since 2021, we are located in Blainville, in a factory built specifically for Proxpedition.

Prepare a black bear feeding site! Discover Bearfume

It's time to...

Prepare your bear hunting feeding site with Bearfume, a powerful attractant with the smell of rotting meat. Proceed with caution as you don't want any trace of this lingering, but effective scent on you!