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Since 2005

Proxpedition, a history of hunting passion

In 2021, Proxpedition opened a brand new 6,500-square-foot facility. But its history is not that recent. The company has been adapting to the market since 2005 when it began its adventure by acquiring a deer farm. Since then, its strength lies as much in the care it gives its herd as in the professionalism it demonstrates in hunting product creation.

An amazing mission!

Proxpedition's team truly loves wildlife and our primary mission is to develop products that provide animals with the nutrients they may lack in their diet. These products allow hunters or wildlife watchers to get close to deer, bear or moose, but our primary goal is animal welfare. All our products are good for wildlife and do not harm the environment.

A history of passion!

The first Proxpedition activities date back to 2005. It all started with the acquisition of a deer farm in Ontario. Animals were then transferred to Quebec to form the basis of our specialists' research. Purine has been produced from this herd since 2008.


Proxpedition always had its own factory, but in 2021, it invested heavily and built a new 4000 square foot factory. This new plant features 3 production lines to take it to the next level:

  • 300 gallons of coulis bottled per hour.
  • 1 ton of minerals bagged per hour.
  • 2500 L of liquid products can be produced per day.


Sylvain Ste-Marie is at the heart of Proxpedition's development. He was only 12 years old when he killed his first hare on his own, and his passion for hunting has never left him since then. He is a great observer who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.

Proxpedition has a great family of ambassadors. They share information about their hunting, and the products they use. These ambassadors are the clearest proof of the effectiveness of Proxpedition products. Nothing speaks like experience.

Four of these ambassadors are exceptional hunters who contribute greatly in sharing knowledge, tips and tricks of hunting using Proxpedition products. For a few years now, Proxpedition has counted on Dave Bolduc, Alexandre Bossinotte and Pierre Bélanger.