107217511 Bearfume | Black bear hunting lure | ProXpédition
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Bear 1- Prepare environnement
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Attract bears for miles with this powerful long-range rotting meat scent lure. This product was developed by our experts in our laboratory to mimic the smell of rotting meat that bears like so much. Use it to start a bait site at the start of the hunting season. Primarily used for bear hunting, it can also be useful for coyote, fox, marten or lynx trapping. Simply pour it directly on the ground at the bait site or make a diffuser by pouring the Bearfume on a pad and sliding it into a perforated canister to be hung from a tree at a height of 6 to 8 feet. Proceed with caution, you don't want any trace of Bearfume on your clothes or your vehicle, it is a very persistent stench, but highly effective!