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Salt licks Tips / Moose Mudflat

June 21 2022 ProXpédition

Many hunters hunt in territories with a high density of moose. Here are some simple tips to improve your saltlicks sites.

• Try to keep your salt blocks at a height so that the calves of the year can reach them. They need salt and minerals as much as adults. Their growth is really fast, so mineral supplements are not to be neglected.

• Moose love mudflats in the summer. The water and mud keeps them cool during the hot weather. The layer of mud that sticks to their coat also forms a good protection against black flies, mosquitoes, and all other harmful insects. On the other hand, it is very important once again to think about our successors, the calves. If there is too much mud, calves can get stuck in it and even die. We must not forget that they are very weak at the beginning of summer. Do not hesitate to move your sector a few feet / meters each year to keep a sufficient but safe quantity for our baby moose.

• Do you have a large number of moose at your moose site? Do not neglect the amount of salt block at your site. One of our collaborators has 20 to 25 different moose in his area, so he installed 9 salt blocks. The females can be really aggressive in the spring and may even fight with other moose. This is one of the reasons why you should not neglect the amount of blocks on your site.

• You can also install different salt blocks, blues, reds, whites. Moose love diversity and don't all have the same tastes, like us humans. Different flavors of minerals and jam are also to be recommended. Everyone's tastes are different, so it's up to you to experiment and find what suits your game best.