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The mineral buckets

Mineral bucket

December 31 1970 ProXpédition

 When making a “standard” salt lick, that is to say on a stump, block of salt, etc., we all tend to believe that the salt and minerals disappear during heavy rain. This is false, they just get absorbed into the ground, they only become invisible to the eye.

If you want to keep your minerals visible and accessible to your game, the mineral bucket is a very good technique.

Necessary material

- A small bucket (2-3 gallons), pre-drilled in several places with a ½ inch drill bit.

- An empty bucket for mixing

- 2 Kg of AK47, complete minerals

- 2 Kg of AKRO (Smell of your choice)

- 1 or 2 (It all depends on the consistency you are looking for) container of jam (Flavor of your choice)

- 1 large paint brush

- 1 chainsaw or hand saw

- 1 drill and some screws

How to do it

Find your ideal location and cut a tree about 6 feet tall with a circumference just a little bigger or the same size as the drilled bucket you have chosen. Then install that bucket on top of the stump and secure it with screws. Remove the bark from the tree using your saw and then make several notches all around the tree, at a 45 degree angle, to allow the minerals to goes in and stay. Then mix your products in your empty bucket. You can only put half the bags if you want to make a second one or even refresh this one. The goal is to create a paste that will flow quietly through the holes in the bucket and then all the way down the stump. Pour your mixture into the drilled boiler. You can then take a large paintbrush and brush your tree all the way down.

With this technique, the minerals will slowly flow along the tree, the rain is however necessary to "reactivate" your mixture.

Now install your camera and see the results.