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120 ml

Sexual Lure - Young mule deer buck

Mule deer
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Product description

If you want to attract numerous curious animals, purchase our young mule deer buck sexual Lure.This high-quality product suggests to animals in the area that a young mule deer buck is wandering their territory and arouses their curiosity. The lure works over long distances and encourages all the animals to come and explore the area. To use it, it is recommended to create a scent line in your territory to simulate the presence of a young buck. You can also scrape the ground and add 15 strokes of the spray. The ground scrape should be prepared under a branch on which you apply Orbital. Another suggestion is to spray the scent of the young mule deer buck Sexual Lure on the surrounding trees to imitate a mock scrape. This product is very effective on rainy days and reactivates with the morning dew or with the humidity of dusk.