107217511 Synthetic Sexual Lure - Young Male - Moose
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120 ml

Synthetic Sexual Lure - Young Male - Moose

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Product description

Get our Synthetic Young Male Moose Sexual Lure to attract plenty of curious animals waiting to meet him. This high-quality product makes animals in the area believe a young moose is wandering their territory and arouses their curiosity. The lure works over long distances and encourages all animals to come visit the area. When using the lure, create a scent line in your territory to mimic the presence of a young bull. You can recreate a wallow and add 15 strokes of the spray. We also suggest spraying the scent of the Synthetic Young Male Sexual Lure on the surrounding trees to mimic a fake rubbing. The product is very effective on rainy days and reactivates with morning dew or with the humidity of dusk.