107217511 PURINE - 100% Cow in Heat - Moose
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500 ml

PURINE - 100% Cow in Heat - Moose

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Product description

Buy this pure, natural and unique product. Proxpedition's 100% Moose Purine is collected during the cow's 6 or 7 days of heat. Each bottle contains 100% natural urine from a single cow in heat. The cream that settles at the bottom of the bottle shows that the cow was in heat. The bottle label contains the details about the day of collection.Thus, you will see the freshness of the product. Purine is a premium product that suggests a new individual has joined the area. It can be used in many ways. Use Purine to make a fake wallow by scraping the ground with a large branch about 3 or 4 feet wide by 5 or 6 feet long and add the Purine from a cow in heat and the Male Sexual Lure (young or mature bull) to recreate a moose couple. In the spring or during summer, use the purine to mimic the presence of a female at your mineral station and scatter it on the ground and around your site. Increase your chances of success with Proxpedition Purine.