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2 ml test tube and 2 x 30 ml activators

Doe pheromones

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Attract lots of deer with our doe pheromones. Pheromones, those chemical substances emitted by an animal, provoke important reactions in other animals. This product tells other deer that there is a female (doe) in their territory and encourages them to visit your hunting territory. It does not indicate that the female is in heat, only that she is present. The results you will get will convince you to use our pheromones in all your hunting outings. Our laboratory tests show that the odour is 100% present during the first 36 hours and decreases rapidly after that. A package of Female Deer Pheromones contains 2 test tubes of pheromones, 2 activators and 2 pads. Everything is there to increase the quantity of deer where you have chosen to attract them. Directions: Simply pour one test tube into one activator and mix well. Then pour the mixture onto a pad and place it where you want to see the deer.