107217511 4Play | Sexual lure for deer hunting | ProXpédition
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120 ml

4Play - Deer

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Product description

Use Proxpedition's 4Play to make the males in your area go crazy and attract them to your site.This powerful sex spray reproduces the scent of females in heat. The new spray can delivers scent particles that attach to vegetation and are airborne. There' s nothing more effective to attract beautiful, dashing deer. This lure is rain resistant and keeps the scent strong no matter what the conditions. It's a reliable tool for experienced hunters, or for those who are just starting out, and will help achieve your goals. Spray 4Play in shooting lanes to make your target stop in your line of fire. You can also make scent lines to guide them to you, or apply it to branches or directly to the ground. Stimulate the curiosity of the most beautiful deer in your area and make your wildest dreams come true!